Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brown Spotted Bengal Kitten - Available

We currently have one female brown spotted Bengal kitten available. We call her Bela. She is very lovely with gorgeous rosettes and a very feminine face. She loves running and playing hide and seek. If she is hiding from you and you do not find her quick enough, she will run out from her hiding spot, run across your foot and then dart back to her hiding spot and wait for you to come get her. She loves playing with toys until she gets tired and then she will come lay in your lap for a while. Then she is off again :-). If you would like to make Bela part of your family, contact us now for details. More photos are available on our website at:

Monday, June 2, 2014

Seal Spotted Lynx Point Snow Bengal

We have a gorgeous Seal Spotted Lynx Point Snow Bengal female in our program. We call her Starshine. This girl has it all. She has huge rosettes, gorgeous blue eyes and a pattern that is outstanding. We recently paired her with our marble patterned Bengal boy we call Lightening. The kittens they produced are fabulous. There is one seal spotted lynx point female kitten that will look similar to her mother if not more beautiful. The other kittens are brown spotted with rosettes. A photo of Starshine is shown below. For more information on them and additional photos, see their individual pages on our website at: If you would like one of the kittens as your new family member, let us know now before they are all spoken for.

Friday, May 16, 2014


We have redesigned our website at: Please stop by our web page and post a comment to let us know if you like it. Thank you.
Great News!

The kittens that belong to Gabrielle and Lightening have been developing beautifully. By the time they were 6 weeks old, they were spoken for. They have 3 wonderful families waiting for them to mature so they can take them to their new homes when they turn 12 weeks old. Congratulations to the kittens and their new families!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

More than April Showers

Today is the last day of April, 2014. The saying "April Showers bring May flowers" is far from accurate for many people in the Southern US who have been experiencing tornadoes and unprecedented rains for the past few days. Our prayers and well-wishes go out to them as they struggle to recover from the effects of these events.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Bengal Kittens

Our Bengal cat Gabrielle recently had 3 beautiful Bengal kittens. She had one female and 2 males. We call them Lola, Jake and Kaz. If you would like to add a Bengal kitten to your family let us know. A photo of each kitten is shown below. More photos are available on our website at: Click on the Available Kittens tab in the menue and scroll near the bottom of the page to see links to the individual pages for each kitten.

This is Lola. We think she is lovely :-).

This is Jake. He is happy-go-lucky and playful.

This is Kaz. He adds fun and pizzaz to any gathering.

Friday, March 28, 2014

New Bengal Kittens Have Arrived

We have a new litter of kittens that have arrived. The father of the kittens is Adore Cats Lightening, our marble patterned Bengal male. His photo is below.

The mother of the kittens is our Grace Gabrielle of Adore Cats, our classic brown spotted Bengal female. Her individual photo is below:

The photo below is of Gabrielle and the new kittens. Their eyes are not open yet and it is too soon to determine their sex. However, this is what newborns look like. As you can see, they are all brown spotted with a base color very close to their mother's.

I will update you on their progress later with new photos and let you know their sex. These kittens will be ready to go to their permanent homes when they are 12 weeks old.
If you are interested in obtaining a beautiful Bengal kitten for yourself or your family, contact us now to reserve your kitten.