Monday, May 2, 2016

Adore Cats Maia and Sophi - Re-home

Note: See photos below:

We placed two of our brown spotted rosetted Bengal kittens with a nice family when they were 12 weeks old. Unfortunately, the family needs to re-home them. They are now 3 years-old and are lovely. They are both spayed, current with vaccinations, FeLV and FIV negative, de-wormed and have no litter box issues. Their names are Maia and Sophi. They are litter mate sisters and have never been separated. We would like to re-home them together. There is a discount in price if they go to the same home. They need to be placed with a family who has experience with Bengal cats and has lots of time to play with them as they are very active cats. There are a few photos of them below but more photos and information is available on our website at: (The website link is on the right side of this page.)
If you are interested, go to our website and click on the Priority Request tab to contact us.

In the photo below, Adore Cats Sophi is on the left and Adore Cats Maia is on the right.

The two photos below are of Adore Cats Sophi:

The following two photos are of Adore Cats Maia:

Adore Cats Opal is Now Rehomed

Our Adore Cats Opal has gone to her new home and is very happy. She is greatly missed by us but is loved by her new family. She is an exceptionally beautiful Bengal cat. My favorite picture of her is posted below. I took this photo as she was just waking up one morning. Congratulations to Opal and her new family :-). Stay up to date with all of our news at:

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Adore Cats Bengals Opal - Ready for a New Family

Adore Cats Bengals' cat model named Opal is ready to go to a new family. We were going to keep her for ourselves but have decided to take our program in a different direction.

Opal is exceptionally beautiful, has a great temperament and loves people. Her photo is shown below. More photos and information is available on our website at on the Available Kittens tab under Adult Bengal cats. If you are interested in Opal, click on the Priority Request tab on the website, fill in the form and submit it. Be sure to include your phone number so we can call to give you details. Opal is going to make someone's family very happy.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Happy Holidays

We wish everyone #HappyHolidays and the best #NewYear ever! We are sharing a photo of our Bengal kitten named Dena.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Order Your Bengal Cat Mugs Now

Now is the time to order our Bengal cat mugs to ensure they arrive before Christmas. Each mug has a beautiful image of a real Bengal cat on it with a description of it written on the back. The fact that the mugs have vivid colors, are dishwasher safe on the top rack and microwaveable make them sought after by many cat-lovers. Each mug focuses on a particular type of Bengal cat and is one of four types. Order one of each type now to complete your collection. Copy and paste the link below into your web address bar to go directly to the store to order. Enjoy :-)

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Heart Tests for Cats

Did you know that there are veterinary cardiac specialists who can test your cat for heart disease? Ask your general practitioner veterinarian if there is cause for concern for your pet. Does your vet. hear a heart murmur or suspect some other cardiac abnormality? Ask if they recommend that you see a veterinary cardiac specialist for further evaluation. If it is necessary, your vet. should be able to refer you to a Board Certified veterinary cardiac specialist in your area. Not all heart conditions are curable but many are treatable. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Monday, June 22, 2015

We Revamped our Website.

We have revamped our website to be brighter, more streamlined and informative. Please take a look at it and take our online poll there to let us know what you think. The site is: The link is on this page in the right margin. We hope you like it :-).