Monday, April 29, 2013

Marble Bengal

We are sharing a photo of our beautiful marble patterned Bengal. Marble Bengals have various designs in their coat. The coat on this Bengal is mostly sheeted in black with golden markings. He has wonderful form and body type with large green eyes. The first picture is a body shot.

This is his profile photo.

Seal Lynx Point Bengal

We are sharing a photo of our Seal Lynx Point Bengal. He is also spotted. Seal Lynx Point Bengals are born almost completely white and also referred to as Snow Bengals. Their pattern becomes more evident as they mature. They also are the only Bengals that have blue eyes for their entire life.

Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot

Our Solomon Island Eclectus Parrot named Sheba has been matched with a great family. She has an African Grey parrot pal at her new home.

Brown Spotted Bengal Kittens

Our Brown Spotted Bengal Kittens we called FiFi, GiGi, Harry and Iko have been matched with loving families and have gone to their new homes.

Bengal Breeder

Our goal is to raise happy, healthy, pedigreed Bengal kittens who have been immunized, spayed/neutered and socialized and match them with families who will love and care for them for their lifetime.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kitten Update

Update: Our Bengal kittens GiGi and Iko are on hold to go to a new home when they turn 12 weeks old.

Their new home will be with a gentleman who had a Bengal cat before and decided two Bengals will bring twice the joy to his home. We are always glad to be able to place siblings together in the same home.

If you are looking for a Bengal kitten to bring joy to your home, contact us now to inquire about reserving a kitten (or two) from our upcoming litter.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Available Bengal Kitten - Iko

This is our kitten we call Iko. She is a beautiful brown spotted Bengal kitten that has huge rosettes, great form and a sweet personality. She is available as a top quality pet. Call us if you would like more information.

Available Kitten - GiGi

These are photos of our Bengal kitten we call GiGi because she is gorgeous! She is available as a top quality pet to go to the right family. Call us if you would like more information about her.