Thursday, October 23, 2014

Adore Cats Opal

This is a photo of our female Bengal kitten named Opal and is a good example of the high quality Bengals we make available to families. She has a striking rosetted pattern and a sweet personality. We are happy we kept her from a litter early this year. We will have new kittens available soon. Contact us now if you would like to be considered for a kitten from our next litter.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Celebrations with your Cat

Do you dress your pets up in Halloween costumes every year? Do they tolerate the costumes or do they hate them? I found that my cats do not like to wear costumes. They do everything they can to remove the clothes no matter how securely they are put on.

My cats do better with a collar or harnass with leash that is appropriate for the season. They are already accustomed to wearing collars and harnasses, so it is not a struggle to put on. Plus the cats are more likely to let the collars or harnasses stay on.

I found some very nice Halloween collars at: The colors are very rich and they come in different sizes so the fit is good. Here are photos of what I found:

Each collar pattern is also available in a harnass and leash set. If you want one of these, now is the time to order them so they will arrive before Holloween.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.