Saturday, May 19, 2012

About Pets

While growing up, there were different pets in our house over the years.  When we were youngsters we had a small turtle, a hamster, a rabbit and a kitten.  As we got older and became teenagers, we had pedigreed dogs.  We had pedigreed German Shepard's, a Maltese, a greyhound and a collie.  As adults we had a couple of rescued dogs and a pedigreed Akita. 

We purchased our Akita as a puppy from a private breeder.  She was a lively, happy ball of energy. We had our Akita for 8 years when she began to have health problems.  At the same time, there was a huge recall of dog food.  Though her brand was not specifically named, we believe her brand should have been part of the recall as many of her symptoms were the same as those dogs who were fed the recalled food.  We tried everything our veterinarian thought might help and even took her to vet. specialists.  Nothing they did helped her.  She was suffering so badly (she even went blind) that we had to have her put down.  She had such a great personality and presence, we knew we could never find another comparable Akita.  To this day we do not have a dog.

As time went on, we wanted another pet.  We began going to cat shows and learning about the different breeds.  I was at a cat show with my daughter when I saw my first Bengal cat.  Amazed at the beauty of this particular breed, we did a lot of research on the breed's origins, temperament, qualities as a domestic pet and more.  We liked what we found out about the breed and decided to buy a domestic pedigreed Bengal kitten.  We named her Gabrielle (Gabby for short as she replies vocally when you talk with her).  She is a classic brown/black spotted Bengal.  Her coat has a lot of golden glitter on it.  Her coat actually shimmers in the light due to the glitter.  She is very sweet and a joy to have around.  Here is a photo of her.

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