Friday, October 5, 2012

Costumes for Pets

I was in the pet store yesterday and noticed a small crowd gathered around one display. I went to see what they found so interesting. They were looking at the new Halloween pet costumes that had just arrived.

The variety of costume themes, colors, fabrics and sizes was amazing. I heard one lady say she wanted a costume for her dog similar to the one her little boy was going to wear. Another person who was looking at a costume that had a tu-tu around the bottom wondered if there was a headpiece available to go with it. Another lady said she wanted to buy a costume but did not know if her cat would wear it and someone else chimed in with how she gets hers to keep it on for a while. A teenager who was with an adult picked up a costume with a hooded cape and the adult with her said "Don't even think about it!" Make no mistake - pet costumes generate big money for those who make them.

Most pet lovers have an opinion either for or against dressing their pets. If you are against it, the new line of costumes won't affect you. If you are for it, now is the time to shop.

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