Thursday, December 27, 2012

Your First Pet Responses

We received hundreds of responses from people who took a trip down Memory Lane and shared memories of their first pets. Thank you to everyone who shared. Here are the questions people responded to with their answers. Our personal answers are listed in italics:

What kind of pet was your first pet?
74% said a dog
19% said a cat
3% said a lizard
1% said a gerbil
1% said a rabbit
1% said a frog
.5% said a pony
.5% said goldfish

Our first pet was a male puppy named Laddie my parents adopted from the dog pound when I was a 7 years old. Laddie was a black lab mix with floppy ears, long gangly legs and never ending energy. He was famous for licking anyone he could get close to.

The next question was: Do you still have your first pet?

96% said no
4% said yes

We do not still have our first pet.

If not, what happened to it?

23% said their pet got out and was lost
15% said their pets were given way to others
49% said their pet died of old age
13% said their pet got sick and had to be put down

Our first pet was given away to others as one of my siblings had an allergy to it. The family he went to seemed nice and my parents thought they would give the puppy a good home.

Pets leave a lasting impression in our memories and on our lives. A positive relationship with a pet is one of the most rewarding things one can have.

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