Friday, March 22, 2013

Does Your Pet Know It's Friday?

Today is Friday and our cats seem to know it. Our daily routine is a bit different on Fridays, so their attention to us seems heightened.

Fridays are our regular pet store day and we usually take one pet with us. They seem to wake up on Fridays a bit more hyper than usual (which for Bengals is super high energy) and clingy. They know only one will be allowed to go and they vie for the closest position to us. Once our selection is made, the other cats wait to see if we will change the selection. When we start towards the door, the other cats head off to do something else.

When we come back, we see the cats in the window waiting for us. Once we open the door to come in, we get swarmed. They know that even though they did not get a chance to go to the pet store this time, we have treats for them. Once the bags are opened and the treats given out, the cats go away happy.

Does your pet know it is Friday or recognized a different day of the week? Leave us a comment to let us know.

By the way - Happy Friday to you!

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