Monday, July 16, 2012

Oprah's David Copperfield Interview

Last night we watched Oprah's interview with David Copperfield. He shared portions of his childhood, his passion for his work, his personal museum, the fact that he owns eleven (that's right - 11) islands and his outlook on life.

The interview took place on one of David's islands. He took Oprah for a ride to tour part of it. He stopped so Oprah could get out and get a closer look at a peacock that was in full feather display. It was so gorgeous Oprah took a picture of it with her cell phone. In a different scene, David showed Oprah two small toucan birds as they were being hand-fed. We have found a positive connection between pets (whether the pets are domestic or not) and the well-being of people throughout time.

Of course Oprah did one of the the things she does so well; she asked questions that many David Copperfield fans wanted to know the answers to. He did not skirt them. He gave answers to what was asked.

We really enjoyed this interview. If you did not see it last night, check your local TV listings to see when it airs on OWN in your area and watch it. Let us know what you think.

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